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This website is kept up to date by Jolanda Bos. Jolanda (click here for her LinkedIn reference and her personal CV website) studied Egyptian archaeology at the Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, in the Netherlands. During the last ten years she worked at different excavations in Egypt. Her main field of expertise lies in the sphere of wearable heritage: archaeological beadwork analysis, contemporary costume and hair research from archaeological context. At present Jolanda is working on beadwork and hair research from Tell el-Amarna. In the past, Jolanda has worked on reconstructions of Pharaonic clothing. Apart from this, social implications of dress and personal adornment in contemporary West Asia and Northeast Africa is a research focus she has worked on. Jolanda consulted for several museums, worked as a guest curator and presently works as a heritage consultant at BLKVLD&Bos.
Please check out the page for more information on museum and other expertise. Ancient Beadwork is represented on Facebook by Wearable Heritage. Please contact us through this link. We are also found on Pinterest with a large variety of beautiful ancient beads and beadwork images from other websites and links.
These pages are largely filled with images taken by Jolanda Bos. When pictures of others are used, a reference is given where this was possible. If you recognize an image as not bering refered to correctly, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Image on this page was made by André Veldmeijer.


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