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Welcome to Ancient Beadwork 

This website is the results of more than 20 years of research and love for a very specific field within archaeology: beadwork analysis. Individual beads represent an often studied artefact group in the field of archaeology. Beadwork analysis however – the technological study of any beaded fabric – is still little practiced in archaeology. Complete artefacts made of beadwork uncovered from archaeological contexts have often never before been studied in depth before. Beadwork studies do exist of course, but mostly in the field of ethnography or anthropology.
This website aims to promote beadwork analysis in archaeology and hopes to inform both specialists and people otherwise interested in the subject. Here you may get acquainted with the study of beadwork from archaeological contexts as well as the study of more recent beaded objects. The main subject in these pages is pharaonic beadwork. We aim to present the study of beadwork as an important and underestimated resource for understanding an ancient or different culture.
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We hope you will enjoy the site!
For more information on contemporary beadwork, please check out the Wearable Heritage Website here.
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